15 June

3 routes to take after graduation

If you’re just out of college and are eager to get out into a creative industry such as event management, public relations or digital marketing, specialising at postgraduate level can augment your skills sets and make you a stronger job applicant.

But, with job roles becoming increasingly complex, you don’t just need higher levels of skills and qualifications if you are seeking a competitive edge; you need practical experience too!

 We know that it’s a vicious circle when job hunting: all the jobs want a candidate to have work experience and practical skills, but a job is required first to gain experience.

For employers, there is an increased number of graduates who have good degrees, these are easy to find. What employers are now looking for are people who have a practical skill set of communication skills, specialist knowledge pertaining to their industry, team working, leadership, cultural skills as well as a specialist post degree level qualification. They want you to be adaptable, motivated, and enthusiastic...

Surveys have told us that employers are finding a shortage of applicants with the right skills.

This is why we don’t only offer a Postgraduate qualification, we also guarantee an Arranged Work Placement, which enables you to get your foot in the door in a top company; this is where you will gain a wealth of knowledge, experience, meeting new contacts, networking and converting the experience to a ‘real job’.

Getting work experience is vital to gaining a role in your desired career, having work experience to add to your CV is also very important, it will make you a stronger contender for any job, and will also enable you to apply for positions which are looking for ‘experienced’ applicants.

So here’s 3 courses and routes to take after graduation:

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing with Arranged Work Experience - Full Time - Dublin City Centre  - 17th October

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Arranged Work Experience - Full Time - Dublin City Centre - 19th September

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations with Arranged Work Experience - Full Time - Dublin City Centre - 19th September

You can apply here.