10 July

How they made it: 10 successful event management career stories

There is no denying that event management is an amazing job. In addition to being the mastermind behind some really exciting experiences, event managers and planners get to try their hands at many different tasks during their workday. If you think event management is the right career for you, here's 10 successful stories to inspire you.

“The Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Public Relations gives you a good understanding of the Events industry. The most beneficial part of the course for me was planning a real life charity event. This alone gives you great insight into how much time, effort and planning goes into an event. Additionally, the 3 month work placement is a vital part as you are able to get your foot in the door and get some hands on experience. Without completing this course I may not have the job I have today!”

Lauren O'Hanlon

“I am in Dubai and doing my internship for Quintessentially Events. They are really good and treat me like one of their team members. I am going with them to every meeting they have and learning a lot from this. At the moment I am working on the Alexander Mc Queen trunk show and also preparing a presentation for a Lamborgini launch party in April”

Rania Sahraneshin

“The Postgraduate Event Management course I undertook at The Fitzwilliam Institute has not only been very enjoyable and exciting, it has provided me with the perfect platform to branch out into the world of event management. I received great assistance with sourcing my work placement. Over the 12 week period, I had the opportunity to plan events for a number of blue chip corporate companies and designed their events from start to finish. I gained invaluable hands on experience working on a wide variety of events. Both the course and the practical experience gained during my work placement have reinforced my choice of career in event management”

Aoife Martin

“It has been nearly a year since I finished the Postgraduate Diploma Course with Fitzwilliam Institute Group and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by and everything I have done since then! After 3 months of work experience, when I was able to put all that I had learned in the classroom into practice, I went straight into a job working for a great sport event management company. Since then I have worked on numerous fantastic events including Sport Relief and with really high profile clients, including Nike and Sky. My time at Fitzwilliam Institute Group, learning from people who are already highly successful in the industry, was invaluable for giving me a solid base of knowledge and practical event experience and I honestly do not think I would be where I am now if I had not taken the course”

Nicole Wright

“Registering with Fitzwilliam Institute Group gave me the opportunity to network and consult with industry professionals. Being taught by industry experts and encouraged to assist in events made an incredible learning experience! I quickly progressed from curious and ambitious to totally event adept. About a week after completing the program I was contracted with a superb opportunity at great sporting event company. Thanks to Fitzwilliam Institute, I learned all I needed to kick-start my dream career!”

Jo-Rena Davis

“I would highly recommend taking the Fitzwilliam Institute Group Post Graduate Diploma as it is thorough, hands on and very comprehensive. I am currently doing work experience at Imagination (placement found by Fitzwilliam Institute) and have used all my skills from the course. Unlike other courses which focus purely on the theory, this course allows you to practise events on real live briefs. It is an invaluable experience and has taught me skills that are essential to all areas of events. The tutors are knowledgeable industry professionals who have worked in Events for years and have an array of experience behind them. If you want to get into the world of events, this is the course for you”

Anais Bellemans

“The practical elements of the course combined with the information imparted by the trainers means that the learning curve was steep but it has proved entirely true to real life and priceless during the course of my placement. It is intensive and hard work but 100% worth it and I would definitely encourage someone considering the course to go for it!”

Ishwarya Raghuveer

“Before starting the EM course I had been in PR and had worked with a variety of clients in the entertainment sector - Organizing events had been a part of my role but I felt I needed more in depth knowledge about the industry. I found out about (Fitzwilliam Institute Group) from the Internet and decided to apply. I’m glad to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The course was everything I had hoped it would be, with modules and sessions on a wide variety of sectors from Lighting, Health and Safety to Showbiz and sporting events. The tutors are all experts in their fields and are there at every step of the way to guide you through, not to mention helping you secure work afterwards. I made some good friends on the course and see them often. After I finished the course I landed a role with Quintessentially Events where I managed and organized various events from private parties to film premieres in London and in Cannes. This would not have been possible without the course and for anyone serious about getting into the event industry I highly recommend it”

Rav Gill

“An utterly marvellous course which I cannot recommend enough! All lecturers are of the highest calibre with proven industry experience, therefore adding both dynamism and passion to all lectures. Course content is comprehensive, practical and wholly enjoyable!

Roxanne Lim

“I highly recommend doing the Postgraduate Diploma in Events and work experience because of the following reasons: 1.) It was a good fit for me. This programme was well suited to me as a mature student, looking to return to the workplace after a five year break. It was informative, relevant, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. 2.) It was a great learning experience - more than I expected. The course was very interactive and fast paced, with a great emphasis on practical skills - I retained what I learned by working together in peer groups on numerous practical projects. A great mix of students of different ages, experiences, backgrounds and strengths - This presented the opportunity to start building a network of event management contacts. The lecturers were all experts in their various fields and very supportive and interested in bringing out the best in each student. The lecturers drew examples from specific aspects of their work experiences, to bring their lecturers to life for us. 3.) The work experience offered as part of the programme was invaluable. Through my work experience on this course, I was able to identify that one of my strengths lies in working in logistics. My work experience took me abroad to work on and witness an event in the planning for several months unfold - A fantastic opportunity and unforgettable experience. 4.) Volunteering opportunities. We were given the opportunity to work as volunteers on a variety of charitable events from the very small lesser known ones to several very large, well known and publicised charitable events. This experience brought to life what we as students could possibly be involved with in the future. 5.) The right mix. This course had the right mix of perfect ingredients to make it the best course I have ever taken: brilliant lecturers, interested students, industry relevant information, practical projects, hands-on work experience and with support throughout the entire programme from lecturers and peers”

Maria Tappin

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